We offer total turnkey solutions, from initial design, deployment and right through to ongoing network management and support.

Many fixed line operators are de-commissioning end-of-life equipment that is no longer supported and migrate their TDM networks to converged IP-based infrastructure that can seamlessly support all services and traffic types. At the same time, mobile operators are replacing legacy infrastructure with new IP-based networks to support their Long-Term-Evolution (LTE) initiatives.

Whether you are adding capacity to your existing network, undertaking a significant network transformation, or deploying a multi-product solution for the very first time, selected services from Nextcom’s systems integration package, can put you on the road to operational readiness.

Encompassing site inventory planning, installation, build, and site documentation, professional installation avoids commissioning problems, and in the case of future network growth, provides a standard framework that all new equipment can fit into.

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